Le Papillion Cafe

For those of you who may be unaware, Grenada was once colonized by the French so there are still remnants of French history seeping through even today. This history is exactly what inspired Kathy-Ann Herrera de Montbrun; owner of Grenada’s French Creole Café; Le Papillion Café.
Located within the Siesta Hotel in Morne Rouge, St. George, Le Papillion Café provides French inspired breakfast, lunch and desert with a unique Grenadian twist. Ms. Herrera boasts of how many local ingredients are infused into the culinary delights some of which are gluten free and perfect for vegetarians.
Tel: 1 (473) 415-2670

            Carib Jet

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           Fort Wolf

Fort Wolf is a unique multi-themed tropical vacation in Grenada. Fort Wolf offers the opportunity to stay in a Caribbean luxury villa with pool in Ft. Jeudy as well as eco-cabins on a working farm in St. Johns. Add to this our restaurant and bar at the cabins and you have the makings of the vacation of a lifetime.

Book now to take advantage of special opening prices and transport deals.

Website : fortwolf.com

Tel : 1 (473)418-5524


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