Lara Buloncelli

I have spent almost three months at Maurice Bishop English Institute School in Grenada.

My experience has been combined with studying the language of English and enjoying a great holiday trip.Wonderful beaches, stunning waterfalls and lovely nature. At school, I studied the course General English, which helped me a lot to improve my English language. The teachers are professionally trained and have teaching techniques that makes learning easy. Also, do not forget the island, in addition to being a marvelous place to visit, it offers many activities, including hiking, water sports and so much more to offer.

The school organizes many activities that help us learn the Caribbean culture. The climate is perfect.  The people of the place are really friendly, so it’s really easy to make friends.  In addition, the school offers accommodation in local families, dinners with locals and local entertainment. In the evening it is impossible to be bored because there are so many bars, pubs, and clubs for every taste. The school organizes a tour of the islands, Grenadines and Unions Island; you certainly should not give up. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, just like the postcards.

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